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Hi, my name is Paul, I’m 26 and I have CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demylinating Polyneuropathy). This blog will try to document my symptoms, progression and treatment from start to finish, along with my frequent encounters with the NHS in both West Yorkshire and south Wales. This blog is an attempt to keep you and more importantly me entertained on this ongoing, ruddy bumpy, uncomfortable and often frustrating journey.

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This is me. Mid way through the Yorkshire 3 peaks in July 2012. 13 miles down, 13 more to go! (Not at all demoralised)

I can honestly say, my feet have never ached so much in my entire life! But from this I hope you can tell I was just like everyone else; reasonably fit, happy, quite outdoorsy and a keen angler (A link to my other blog Paul on Coarse Fishing can be found here). Now, I’m considerably less fit, still happy (with a few moody bouts), generally house bound (unless I break the Zimmer out) and it’s been well over a year since I’ve wet a line. If you’ve read this far you’re probably either aware of what CIDP is or are thinking “what on earth is this guy on about?” If either of those are the case, you’re committed, and I’m about to begin the story from the beginning...

21 June 2013

Secondary symptoms – What a pain in the leg

It was around the beginning of March that I started to develop another symptom. My calves began to ache dully after walking any distance. They felt like you would expect them too after a colossal calf work out in the gym, but after no exertion at all. I put that down to lack of physical activity. Having moved house, I had gone from walking a few miles every day to driving everywhere in the last 6 months, so I hoped a bit of light exercise would rectify the issue.

What was more frustrating was the inconsistency of the numbness in my hands. On one particular occasion at the end of February I had a few friends over, and after a few (probably too many) drinks my symptoms vanished. I was overjoyed and immediately began doing things I hadn’t been able to for some time (specifically curling my weights and playing the playstation - All the essentials). This reprieve was unfortunately short lived and I woke up, with returned tingling and a slight hangover. I wondered if perhaps stress and tension had been exacerbating my symptoms, and perhaps relaxing with friends had provided a little respite. But this seemed to be the start of, what I can only describe as, trying to pin down a moving target. Both my partner and I just kept trying to make connections between my activities and my good or bad days. Was I worse when tired? Stressed? After exercise? There just didn’t seem to be any correlations, making it even tougher to tackle. I just didn’t know what to do with myself for the better.

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